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About Us

About Us

Welcome to  Hot Yoga Brickell in Miami. We're currently working on relocating our business and we hope to be back as soon as possible.

Yoga is the best way to renew yourself and forget about anxiety or stress at the same time you will achieve the body you always wanted.  Our classes are for begginners, no need to be a yoga expert, Bikram yoga style (90 & 60 minutes, 26 poses, two breathing exercises in a 105 temperature room).

Feel the experience of reviving yourself in every class, tonify your muscles, sleep better and give yourself the chance of having a healthier and happier version of yourself.


Ori Yoga
Maria Virginia


Bikram Yoga has changed my life on so many levels and continues to do so every day. It started back in 2004 with a tennis elbow injury for which I almost had surgery. With constant practice it completely healed. Never in a million years did I think I would become a Bikram Teacher.


When I was 17 I was National Champion of high jump in my country, Spain. Injuries and competition was the concept that I then had of fitness. Long time after I entered the hot room for the first time.  It was in London in 2009. I didn´t know I was going to do a hot yoga class. My first impression after the class was "why do I need to suffer this much?". So it took me a while to come back to sweat.  I started to practice regularly in Madrid (my hometown) just because I was going with somebody, to support him. But little by little I started discovering so many things about myself that I got curious to get to know this happier version of myself. A year after my first class in London I quit my job at CNN Spain as a journalist (after 10 years) and I went to Las Vegas to attend the Bikram Teacher Training. I graduated in 2010 and opened the studio in May of 2011. That was the best decision of my whole life.


This yoga is the closest thing to magic that I can think of. You perhaps have a physical or mental issue that will make you try it, but believe me, if you just want to try it for no reason, prepare to discover your best YOU.

Among other things I had serious issues with public speaking: I was born with a cleft palate and my mom was told I might not survive with the first feeding. Until I was 18 years old I would be terrified to speak to strangers or make new friends because of the way my voice sounded. So to think I now use my voice to teach and inspire others to improve their life makes it that much more rewarding. I would have really liked to be able to sing … ha ha ha ha …but that is stretching it a bit.


Sharing my passion and witnessing people taking control of their health and life is an extremely fulfilling experience, I am sincerely grateful every time I walk into the studio to teach, knowing that I have the opportunity to guide others to discover their own healing potential.


So, don’t even think twice about giving Bikram Yoga a go, come get sweaty with us and experience firsthand the best studio and wonderful community we have.


Long- long time ago I started practicing Bikram yoga. Absolutely hating it in the beginning, I wind up teaching it.


Feeling a burning desire to share this ultimate wisdom with the people ... I just couldn't keep it to myself - those magical 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises  really keep me going, keep me young and healthy, energetic and proactively happy. Thank to Bikram yoga I'm alive and well...


I was introduced to Bikram Yoga when a co-worker and friend asked me to join her for a class.  Never having practiced any form of yoga before, I was a little reluctant to go.  My first class was very hard.  My body was extremely inflexible, and many of postures were impossible for me.  Then there was the heat!  I left the class thinking I would never return.  However, later that same day, I began to feel better than I had in years.  My mind was clear and my body felt great.  I went back for my second class five days later, and from then on I was a regular practitioner.  I found my body over time to become flexible, and all the negativity in my life began to disappear.  I wanted to share this great yoga practice and all the benefits with others.


Yoga found me at a time I needed it the most. I was young, scared, and full of fear about what my role in the world should be. I had graduated Stanford, studied economics, knew what I liked, knew the things I wanted to achieve, and yet still felt that universal “something’s missing” feeling. I traveled, lived in Chile, Brazil, England, California, and now Florida, naively expecting to finally feel whole. And, yet, as all predictable stories end, the answer always lied within. The chaos that surrounded me, could only be quieted by first acknowledging it, and then instead of running from it, facing it, embracing it, and letting it go. This is where yoga came in. It allowed me to sit with myself and look at myself, but really, actually look at myself without judgment; I grew to accept me, all parts of me --- the best, and the worst. I was able to finally take control of my body, and feel how empowering that was, I felt … whole. Yoga mimics and mirrors the world around us; the obstacles, the moments of weakness, the things we can’t control around us, and if you can accept all of that, move along with calmness and determination, overcome the struggles, then that will only translate to your actions in the real world. 

Try it yourself, come take the time, and use the asanas (postures) as a means of uncovering what’s inside. Don’t let flexibility, strength, or the perfect posture be the goal, but part of the process of connecting with the real you.  So start your journey, and trust that with practice it will all come--- see you inside!


In 2011, I moved to big, bright Miami from a tiny town in Arizona.  To my dismay, the many sports and athletic opportunities that I took part in back in AZ were no longer available to me here.  On top of that, the major move and adjustment contributed to a great deal of anxiety and self-doubt.  I was searching for something to give me both physical and mental relief.  What I found was that hot yoga made me feel mentally, physically, and emotionally balanced.  I have been practicing hot yoga regularly ever since then and I saw teaching this remarkable series of postures as a natural next step on my yoga journey.  I believe that yoga allows us to sweep aside the cobwebs that slowly get spun in our souls and provides us with much needed objectivity and peace of mind.  I hope that through my teaching others come to know these impressive and powerful states of mind.

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